3 Week Diet Review

3 Week Diet Review: The Diet That Claims That You Can Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days

I came across the 3 Week Diet last spring when I accidentally clicked on an “up next” video in the sidebar on YouTube. The timing was pretty convenient too considering I was just about to begin cutting weight in preparation for the summer.

The 3 Week Diet review I watched that day was decent (not great), but was persuasive enough to at least get me to take a deeper look into the product. Sure enough, two days later I had purchased the 3 Week Diet after being impressed by the site’s clean and informative sales page.

In my 3 Week Diet review below I will try my best to give you a brief overview of the system, some information about the author, a complete breakdown of the eBook’s structure, and last but not least, my opinions on the 3 Week Diet.

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If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you just want to vent about your day, drop a comment below and I will try to respond as soon as I can.

So without wasting any more time, here is my 3 Week Diet Review.


3 Week Diet Review

The 3 Week Diet System is a fool-proof, science-based diet that is designed to help people lose as many as 23 pounds of body fat in just 21 days.

The system was created by Brian Flatt (pseudonym), a trainer, weight loss coach, and nutritionist who grew tired of seeing clients constantly losing their battles with weight control.

The 3 Week Diet works flourishes where many other weight loss systems fail because it focuses on reducing “cellular inflammation”, which apparently is the real cause of weight gain, and because it corrects the bad information dieters receive today.

According to the program’s website, the system has already helped thousands of people lose weight and has proved to be so effective that Flatt is now willing to offer a 60-day, 100% no-nonsense “lose the weight or it’s free” guarantee with his system.

3 Week Diet Author

Like I mentioned above, pseudonym Brian Flatt is the author of the popular weight loss system called The 3 Week Diet. Now 44 years old, Brian’s fitness career began as a professional trainer, weight loss coach and nutritionist. As he became well-known in the San Diego region and the demand for training and expertise increased, he apparently opened his own personal training gym, called R.E.V. Fitness. However, after doing some digging I cannot find anymore information on this gym on Google (more on this later).

As a gym opener and avid enthusiast, Brian Flatt saw how his clients struggled to lose weight and keep it off and developed The 3 Week Diet as a way to help them achieve their fitness goals.

“I’m a firm believer that with something that is hard to do like lose weight, enjoying quick success can provide just the encouragement that is needed for a person to commit long-term to the healthy changes they are making,” claims Flatt.

According to a few reports, Flatt “reviewed over 500 medical studies, dozens of diet books and hundreds of diet systems, programs, gadgets, pills and potions as he created the system”.

When The 3 Week Diet was officially published Brian Flatt estimated that he spent over a decade doing research and another two and a half years perfecting his weight loss system – all while simultaneously managing R.E.V Fitness.

“This is a revolutionary diet because it focuses on reducing cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain and is something that most diets ignore,” Flatt proclaims. “Reduce cellular inflammation and you will boost your metabolism and increase your ability to lose weight.”

Flatt’s diet also attempts to “correct the bad information dieters receive today” and is intended to be incredibly simple to follow since it “completely avoids the complexity of counting calories”.

“If you would have told me back when I was a beginning trainer that one day I would create a popular diet program I wouldn’t have believed you,” says Flatt. “But now that it has happened, I’m so excited to be making a positive difference in so many people’s lives.”

Brian Flatt’s only wish is to help as many people as possible by spreading his diet system and tips around the world.

“I want to help people learn what to eat, when to eat and how to eat to lose weight,” Flatt says. “I also want to help them develop the mindset, or willpower, to lose weight and keep it off.”

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Since writing The 3 Week Diet, Flatt has become a well respected public speaker throughout the United States. He is known for delivering messages of hope to those wanting to lose weight — informing people that it is entirely possible to lose weight quickly and easily when using the correct system, with an appropriate mindset.

Does The 3 Week Diet Work

3 Week Diet Structure

The 3 Week Diet is divided into multiple sections in order to keep the system organized and easy-to-follow. Listed below is each section, followed by a brief description of what you’l read in each of them.

  • The Diet — As you can imagine, the 3 Week Diet’s Diet Plan consists of three phases – one for each week of the diet. The diet itself is pretty demanding and requires some will-power and short-term changes to your eating habits. That said, the 3 Week Diet promises that “if you can make it past the first week of this diet, you will be in total control of your weight for the rest of your life. In fact, many people have said that after finishing Phase #1 of The 3 Week Diet, they felt like they could accomplish anything.”
  • The Workouts — The 3 Week Diet Workout Plans are designed to burn fat and get you into great shape in roughly thirty minutes just three or four times each week. While you can definitely lose weight quickly on the diet alone, the workouts depicted in the 3 Week Diet certainly help body fat fall off. The 3 Week Diet workout is broken down is best suited for people with a gym membership, but there is a home workout option also outlined.
  • Supplements — The Supplements Report basically reviews many fat-burning products that author Brian Flatt recommends. Among the products listed are:
    • Whey Protein Whey protein is considered a “complete protein” that contains numerous essential amino acids. Flatt suggests purchasing a whey protein powder that keeps the number of carbohydrates and fats to a bare minimum. Choose your flavor wisely because whey protein shakes make up a large portion of the 3 Week Diet meal plan. If you’ve read any of my articles in the past, then you probably already know that I am a huge fan of Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Protein.
    • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) — According to Brian Flatt,  CLA is “a provider of a host of benefits including combating diabetes, building lean muscle mass, thwarting cancer, keeping fat cells from becoming larger and dramatically reducing body fat.” He even goes on to say that “CLA helps to move the fat you eat into your muscle cells instead of being stored as body fat. It then activates certain enzymes in your body to force your muscles to burn that fat—especially during exercise.”
    • Leucine — Leucine is a valuable BCAA (branched chain amino acid) because of  it’s “ability to switch on the body’s muscle building process as well as preserving lean muscle mass when dieting”. If you are searching for an amino acid important for muscle building, Leucine is what you are looking for.
    • Daily Energy® Full of minerals and vitamins, Daily Energy® is loaded with absorbing antioxidants. It also includes magnesium, sodium, and potassium – all of which are incredibly useful for a low-carb diet. Flatt goes on to say that “Daily Energy® is also packed with base producing compounds that neutralize dietary acids and they are rich with healthy bacteria that will help to detoxify the body as we rapidly release toxins from the fat cells as they are used up for energy.” You can purchase Daily Energy® right here.
    • Fat Burners Thankfully Flatt lists fat burners as an optional supplement to take during the 3 Week Diet. I personally do not like fat burners, nor the side effects associated with them. That said, I did not take any during my 3 Week Diet cycle. Here is what Brian Flatt has to say about fat burners for the 3 Week Diet. “Fat Burners are definitely not required on The 3 Week Diet. The reason I have listed them as optional is because they do have advantages in keeping the metabolism high as your body starts to slow down when switching over from carbohydrate-burning to fat-burning and they provide some extra, focused energy that helps with your workouts. Personally, I like the added effect that a good fat burner provides. The problem, again, is that most fat burners are worthless.”
  • Motivation & Mindset — The Motivation & Mindset Reports simply show you how to achieve greater focus and energy. To be quite honest, I only glanced at this section on day one and never again afterwards.
  • 3 Week Diet Final Chapter (Upsell) — The Final Chapter is designed to help dieters keep the weight off, well after completing the 3 Week Diet. It’s an information-packed eBook that aims to reveal strategies that anyone can use to look and feel more confident.
  • Brian Flatt Private Coaching Session (Upsell) — Customers who purchase this upsell will have direct access to Brian Flatt, the author of the 3 Week Diet. Have a question? Hit a plateau? Or simply need to talk with someone who will hold you accountable for your weight loss? This is an option for you. Full disclosure, I did not purchase this private coaching session. I am strictly relaying what I’ve learned from other customers and their experiences.
  • The Fat Loss Cookbook (Upsell) — The Fat Loss Cookbook is an organized list of 100+ recipes that are all healthy, cheap, and easy to make. They don’t taste as good as Blue Apron, but they are certainly “restaurant quality”. It’s worth noting that I still make these recipes today, long after I completed the 3 Week Diet.
  • The 3 Week Cellulite Secret (Upsell) — The Cellulite Secret is another upsell that I did not personally try because, well, I don’t have cellulite. I would imagine the information in the Cellulite Secret is good stuff, but to be honest there is a lot of free information available online regarding cellulite.


3 Week Diet Food List


Is The 3 Week Diet A Scam?

The 3 Week Diet worked for me, and I’m confident that it will work for you too. However (and this is a big however), I’ve found a handful of red flags while digging for more information on the diet. Here are some of my biggest revelations (props to Control Health Scam for finding these):

  1. Does Brian Flatt Exist? — Do a Google search for his name, his gym, or anything else regarding this man and you will not find anything outside of some 3 Week Diet reviews. His website’s profile picture is even a stock photo purchased online! I’m not too worried about this though. J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, Stephen King, Lemony Snicket, Lewis Carroll, and Mark Twain are all pseudonyms as well. But unlike those famous authors, Brian Flatt is offering diet advice, not just reading material.
  2. Questionable Advice — There are couple tips in the 3 Week Diet that I find a little discomforting – ex. skipping breakfast, fasting periodically, and eliminating carbohydrates. Yes, people see results from this diet, but each of those tips above can actually be detrimental to your health if done for a long period of time. The 3 Week Diet is just that though, a three week diet, so perhaps I’m looking too far into this.
  3. There Are So Many Fake Reviews — The third and final thing that bothers me to no end about the 3 Week Diet is that there are so many fake written and video reviews. To this day I still do not understand why a product as successful as the 3 Week Diet feels the need to create fake reviews for their own product. Do they think nobody will notice that these people are simply reading a script? Anything to get a sale, I guess. Here are just a few that I find to be quite comical.


Real Review?

Fake Review?

Painfully Fake Review.



3 Week Diet Social Media Accounts

The 3 Week Diet is very active posting inspirational quotes and transformation stories on both Instagram and Twitter. If you have a question that you need answered, or if you just want to see what the system is up to these days, you can check them out using the links above.

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Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier in this article, Brian Flatt spent over a decade reviewing “over 500 medical studies, dozens of diet books and hundreds of diet systems, programs, gadgets, pills and potions as he created the system.”

That being said, the 3 Week Diet doesn’t offer any ground-breaking statistics or innovative systems. Brian Flatt wasn’t in some test lab with a clipboard jotting down hypotheses back when he was creating this system. He was simply improving upon existing information.

But that doesn’t mean it is a mediocre or knock-off product – people are seeing results from the 3 Week Diet. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

If you are interested in trying the 3 Week Diet, please be aware that you are paying for the convenience of information, not for some “secret sauce”. In my opinion, the 3 Week Diet is simply an aggregate collection of information you could probably find for free elsewhere online. However, unlike the free content you might come across, the 3 Week Diet is very thorough, expertly designed, and laid out in a super easy-to-follow manner that requires absolutely zero guess work.

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The 3 Week Diet system has helped tens of thousands of customers lose weight and I believe it can help you too. But again, contrary to what the headlines say, don’t expect to shed twenty pounds in three weeks. That’s just ridiculous. While I don’t doubt that somebody has once lost twenty plus pounds using this diet, I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of users are losing less than ten pounds maximum.