Swimming Pool Party Drinking Games

Swimming Pool Party Drinking Games: 7 Games To Put You Overboard

The sun glistening off your sunglasses, beads of sweat trickling down your arm, and the faint sound of a lawnmower running in the distance.

Some of my fondest memories come from spending countless hours by the pool with my closest friends. Those were the good ol’ days.

Swimming pool games are fun, but swimming pool drinking games can redefine the meaning of life.

The following list will showcase some of the best adult swimming pool drinking games.

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1. Relay Race Flip Cup

Relay race flip cup begins by setting up a normal game of flip cup on one side of the yard – the further from the pool, the better. To begin the game, two players (one from each team) dive into the pool and continue to swim to the other side. Once they reach the other side of the pool, they must then climb out of the pool, run to the flip cup table, drink their beer, and proceed to flip their cup. Once a player successfully finishes their round of swimming pool flip cup, they must signal to the next player on their team waiting calmly to dive into the pool. The first team to get each of their players to swim across the pool and play flip cup wins.

Want to take this swimming pool drinking game to the next level? Add a rule that states that “The Anchor” – the last player to go for each team – must jump back into the pool after their round in order to win.

2. Chicken

No adult swimming pool drinking games list would be complete without adding Chicken to the list. To play this game all you’ll have to do is get two women to sit on the shoulders of two men. Now it’s a battle to the death. While perched atop the men’s shoulders, the two women must try to push each off their opposing man’s shoulders and into the water. Beneath the action, the men should be trying their hardest not let their partners topple over. This game works well with three or more teams as well.

3. Floating Beer Pong

What a great time to be alive! Beer pong, everyone’s favorite drinking game, can now be played while hanging out in the pool. The rules are simple, both teams (of two players) take turns throwing their ping pong balls into the other teams cups. First team to sink a ping pong ball into each of the other team’s ten solo cups wins. Drink every time one of your cups is eliminated. To view the best selling floating beer pong table on Amazon, click here.

4. Drinking Card Games

Floating, durable, playing cards give you the ability to play drinking games like F U Pyramid, Up The River, and Kings all while lounging in the pool or hot tub. To buy the best waterproof deck of playing cards, check out this link. Can’t get enough? Check out these waterproof UNO cards too!

5. Swimming Pool Party Decorations

I know these aren’t swimming pool drinking games, but they are pretty darn awesome. Buy these adult swimming pool party decorations and I assure you people going to talk about your pool party for years to come.

6. Swimming Pool Volleyball

Playing volleyball in the pool is an excellent game if you have water shallow enough for people to stand. It’s also a great game to include for people who aren’t exactly the most athletic too since the game doesn’t require a great deal of skill to play. When we play this game, the losing team has to take a shot after each match.

7. Watermelon Ball

Watermelon Ball is a fun unique swimming pool game combining components of football, basketball, and rugby in the water. The ball used to play Watermelon Ball is neutrally buoyant, which allows the ball to be passed up to 10 feet and dribbled like a basketball under the water.

According to the official Watermelon Ball website, “the creation of our Watermelon Ball began with a group of college students who played each week with real watermelons. Due to the intensity of play, the watermelons cracked and were accidentally smashed creating a mess. Pool management complained and threatened to ban the game. In order to keep the good times going, one student created a ball that floated like a watermelon, but could withstand intense play.” To read more about Watermelon Ball, click here to check it out.

8. Inflat-A-Bull Rodeo

Inflat A Bull Adult Swimming Pool Game

Be brave and enjoy a fun bull-riding experience on water with this Intex inflatable bull! Host competitions with family and friends and see how long you can stay mounted on the bull. Designed with innovative photo-realistic printing technology. Great accessory for pools, lakes, or rivers.

Swimming Pool Drinking Games

With summer on our minds, it’s time to get prepared for the day drinking that is about to come. Hopefully these swimming pool drinking games will help get your creative juices flowing!

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