Best Beard Care Kits

7 Best Beard Care Kits For Dapper Gentlemen Like You

When it comes to beard care kits, novice and veteran beard growers will agree –  you need to use products that both feel good, and work. There are hundreds of beard care kits in the world today. Every time I check my email, I see that my favorite beard loving website has just released the world’s next “greatest” beard care kit. But what exactly makes one beard care kit better than another?

In this article I will finally put my five year beard growing experience to good use and outline seven of my favorite beard care kits for sale today, as well as explain how to pick and choose them.

Update: After receiving a lot of feedback about this post, I’ve decided to update my list of beard care kits for this upcoming year.

1. Percy Nobleman

The beard care kit from Percy Nobleman is perfect for gentlemen just getting started with their bearded adventure. Here is what you’ll find in this beard care kit:

Beard Wash (30ml) — Utilizes shea butter and sesame oil to clean your beard in order to leave it smelling great and feeling smooth as silk.

Beard Conditioning Oil (30ml) — The argan, jojoba, and almond oils help rejuvenate your beard by softening and refreshing the hairs. This conditioning oil really makes your face soft and puts a healthy shine in them as well.

Moustache Wax (30g) — Smells great and produces a very strong hold.

Beard Comb — It’s a pretty small comb, but quite durable.

2. The Beard Legacy

The beard care kit from The Beard Legacy is a well reviewed, top selling beard growth product on Amazon. Everyone loves their products, and I’m sure that you will as well. Here’s what you’ll find in this beard care kit:

Beard Kit Pouch — An extremely durable pouch made with synthetic leather. The perfect pouch for storage and traveling.

Beard & Mustache Comb — Avoid tangles, knots, and split-ends with this professional grade 5″ comb. Great for coarse and fine hair. The logo faded after awhile, but that is really the only negative I can think of.

100% Natural Beard Oil (30ml) — Made with jojoba and argan oil, simply add a few odorless drops of this oil to your beard in order to relieve itchy sensations and soften your beard.

Boar Bristle Brush — Made using 100% all natural wood, this no-snag brush is fantastic. A few bristles fell out within the first week of purchasing, but since then this brush has been fantastic.

Stainless Steel Scissors — Professional grade 5″ beard and mustache sheers. These scissors also have a heavy feel, so you know you are getting a quality pair of clippers.

3. Mountaineer Brand

Growing a beard is simple. Growing a beard that makes others envious of you takes a lot of care and focus. This beard care kit from Mountaineer contains everything that you could possibly need to transform your beard from some scraggle, to an epic beard that would even make ZZ Top proud. Here is what this beard care kit includes:

WV Timber Beard Oil (2oz) — Handmade with 100% natural oils and essential oils, absorbs quickly and gives your beard a smooth, soft, subtle shine. Lightly scented with fir needle and cedarwood.

Magic Beard Balm (2oz) — Leave-in conditioner that is a blend of all natural oils and butters, beeswax, essential oils of lime, fir needle, and grapefruit.

WV Timber Beard Wash (4oz) — All natural; won’t strip your beard of natural oils, and features a liquid castile soap that is also chemical free. Lightly scented with fir needle and cedarwood.

Beard Brush — Military-style beard brush that is a cruelty-free option to traditional boar hair brushes.

4. DapperGanger

Looking for a beard care kit that features full-sized products, not samples? Check out DapperGanger, a company that aims to break down social barriers and make men more happy, confident, and attractive to those around them.

Premium packaging makes the DapperGanger beard care kit look professional without having the expensive price tag attached.

If you want to be known as the expert gift-giver, this is a product worth learning more about. Here is what you’ll find when you purchase this beard care kit.

Dopp Canvas Travel Bag — A stylish toiletry bag that easily stores other DapperGanger beard care kit products. This alone is worth at least $20.

Beard Oil (2oz) — Made with certified organic and all natural ingredients, the beard oil from DapperGanger is great for people with sensitive skin and works well with all beard hair types.

Beard Conditioner Balm (2oz) — Intended to make your beard soft to the touch, this beard balm’s scent is light and subtle with hints of lemongrass, mint, and rosemary. It’s like butter – melts to the touch, light and not sticky. However, this beard balm is not vegan!

Beard Shampoo Wash (8oz) — Unlike like many of their competitors, this beard care kit from DapperGanger includes a full sized beard wash, not a sample sized product. I personally enjoy the smell, but others have suggested that this wash smells like dish soap.

Metal Comb Keychain Bottle Opener — Part comb, part keychain, part bottle opener. Can you buy anything more bad-ass?

Beard Trimmer Scissors — Made of stainless steel, these these beard scissors are  dangerously sharp and sturdy. You won’t need to purchase scissors again after getting these bad boys.

5. Repsol Care

This newly released beard care kit from Repsol Care may be lacking a couple key features including the wash, wax, and balm, but the brush and comb more than make up for the weak variety.

Buy a brush/comb from Repsol Care and I promise you’ll never need to buy another in your lifetime. Here is what is included in this beard care kit:

Handmade Wooden Beard Comb — Leave your hair feeling smooth with this handmade, snag-free, and anti-static beard comb! The thick fine tooth finish will help you comb through beard hair effortlessly. According to the product’s description, their “4”x2.3″ handmade beard comb is made out of natural sandalwood and a has a long-lasting, quality finish.” Each comb is crafted with the tender care that will leave your hair feeling smooth at any given time. The comb is double sided and has both thick & thin fine teeth that can get through any hair or beard, assuring no snagging or hair pulling like other cheap plastic combs. It works great as a mustache comb too!

100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush — Natural boar bristles help distribute oil, improve hair texture, and massage your scalp. Ideal for beard grooming, softening and styling. Works great on any type of hair including long, short, thick, coarse and tangled beard hair.

Cotton Travel Bag — Bring your beard brush with you on your next vacation with this luxurious travel bag. Featuring magnetic button closing clasps, this cotton bag will protect your Repsol Care products from the elements.

6. Zeus Beards

Unless you take proper grooming precautions, beards don’t always feel that great. With this beard care kit from Zeus Beards however, your significant other will not be able to keep their hands out of your facial hair.

To aid you on your magnificent beard-growing journey, Zeus has created an epic beard care kit that will make you irresistible to the touch.

We’re coming down to the wire on this best beard care kits list so without further ado here is what is included in my personal favorite kit:

Beard Shampoo (8oz) — Hydrating beard shampoo that will help wash away contaminants like excess oil.

Beard Conditioner (8oz) — Use this Pro-Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera beard conditioner to moisturize heard hairs and the skin underneath it all.

Beard Oil (1oz) — Soften your beard while simultaneously eliminating dandruff and that itchiness sensation with this verbena lime beard oil. Use sparingly because this beard oil only comes in a 1 ounce bottle!

Beard Brush — Use this firm boar bristle brush to help keep stray beard hairs at bay.

7. Prophet & Tools

Is your beard making you look homeless while other men look dapper with their beards? Or perhaps your beard has become too much to handle and is now causing you to suffer from dry skin, irritation, and beard dandruff?

If you want to regain that long lost fresh and healthy feel again, then make sure you check out the #1 best selling beard care kit on our list, the Prophet & Tools Beard Care Kit. Here is what you’ll find in this beard care kit:

Premium Beard Oil (30ml) — You can apply this oil whenever you wish, but it is most often applied immediately after showering, trimming, or before sleep. One to three drops of this premium beard oil will last you a very long time, but is recommended to be used within a year of purchasing. This bottle is the perfect size for traveling, and is easy to store. Made with top quality ingredients, is vegan friendly, and is cruelty-free! You can even use this oil to cure dry scalp, hair, or your face as an easy medical treatment. Great for split ends, de-tangling hairs, and for eliminating irritation and flakiness. All natural ingredients allow this product to work on beards of all ethnicities and race, and will even help repel nasty sun rays in the summer and the cold breeze in the winter.

Lion Beard Comb — A retro beard comb that is super strong.

Beard Care eBook — Complete your manly purchase with this informative eBook. Contains tips, advice, beautiful diagrams, and other beard care information inside. A must-read for keeping your beard in peak condition for life!

Beard Care Kits

Just like mattress stores, monthly clothing subscription boxes, and ride sharing iPhone applications, the demand for quality beard care kits is booming! Every company (and their mother) selling beard growth products has released their own beard care kit, but only a handful of these companies have produced a kit worth purchasing.

Why you ask?

For starters, some kits only contain sample sized products, and others are simply of poor quality. Heck, some are even missing important products! That being said, here is what you should be looking for when purchasing a beard care kit.

  • Beard Oil — If a beard oil isn’t already in your beard care repertoire, you should make sure to add it as soon as possible. Beard oils are blended formulas created from carrier oils such as jojoba, argan, sweet almond, etc., and some times contain essential oils like fir needle, cedarwood, and tea tree. When combined together, these beard oils blend together in order to moisturize your skin and provide nourishment to your beard hair. Rather than to be used as a styling product, most beard oils are intended to keep your beard, face, and skin feeling fresh and healthy.
  • Beard Wash — Many beard wash, soap, shampoo, and conditioner products available online are advertised as a “beard wash”, but most contain the same sulphates, parabens, and detergents that are found in the shampoo for your head. Stay away from these. You should find a wash or soap that is made without all of that extra garbage. Your face follicles are not the same as the ones on your head, so don’t treat them the same. Also, most men do not need to wash their beard daily. Unless you work in a dirty environment, washing your beard daily is counterproductive to growing and maintaining a healthy beard.
  • Beard Balm — Like beard oil, balms are conditioning products. However, some balms are made with beeswax, while others have lanolin or butters as their main ingredients. The wax-based balms offer some styling hold. The lanolin and butter based balms are just for conditioning, but are heavier than an oil which can help tame some of the straggling hairs. Wax-based balms are more firm in consistency when in their container, while the butter and lanolin based ones are more buttery in consistency.
  • Beard Wax — Beard and mustache wax is typically used for styling purposes and has no other intrinsic value (although some companies offer scented beard wax). Beard wax is to be used on top of your beard oil and balm. If you have a beard or mustache that is simply out of control, then you should probably pick up some wax. But otherwise this part of a beard care kit is generally not needed.
  • Beard Brushes & Combs — Although most combs and brushes will do the trick, some are in fact better than others. Beard brushes have a heavier, sturdy feel when going through the hair, and help keep hair in place better than your traditional hair brush. Fine combs tend to snag and pull so you’ll probably want a wide (coarse) toothed comb. Lastly, you might want to purchase a higher quality comb, where the teeth have been polished and rounded to minimize beard hair snags and pulls. As you’ll see from our list of the best beard care kits, 100% boar bristle brushes are the most popular, but cruelty-free options are also available. Don’t be afraid to upgrade to one of these combs either because the difference in price is not very noticeable to begin with, but the life-span of a good comb will be worth the cost today.

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As an avid beard grower, I’m determined to keep this list as “current” as I can. I would also be interested in hearing which beard care kits you all have used, loved, hated, etc. Drop me a line and let’s talk!