Best Blogs For Men

40 Best Blogs & Websites For Men

Do a quick Google search for the best blogs for men and you will find that there are tens of thousands of related blogs out there (with even more being created everyday). But who actually has time to learn which of these countless blogs are worth reading? Actually, I do.

…Okay, I haven’t read them all, but I have read my fair share of blogs for men.

I’ve been casually reading blogs for men for the past five years and have bookmarked and subscribed to quite a few of them along the way. I figured with the New Year upon us, now would be the perfect time to share my list with you all!

Quit smoking, lose twenty pounds (or gain muscle), make better financial decisions, and just becoming a better man overall. These are just a few of the New Year’s resolution goals I’m sure many of you have set your minds too. That said, I’m certain that the following blogs will be able to help you achieve these goals, plus many more in the upcoming year.

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I’ve broken my favorite blogs for men down into six distinct categories – lifestyle, fashion, health, fitness, money, and sex. If you are looking for information about any of these topics, simply scroll through the list until you find the perfect match.

Here is a quick breakdown for each mens blog category:

  • Lifestyle Lifestyle bloggers help you become a better man by writing about self-improvement, life experiences, how to be a bad-ass, and how to keep a beard tidy. As you can see from the list below, lifestyle blogs are my favorite.
  • Fashion — Fashion bloggers help transform high school nerds into dapper gentleman. If you’ve ever wondered how to tie a half Windsor, then you need to check out this men’s blog category.
  • Health — Health bloggers write about epic recipes, awesome tips for reducing belly fat, and about the side effects of using margarine.
  • Fitness — Fitness bloggers teach their readers how to lose weight, gain weight, and build muscle. The good ones even provide their followers wth training regimens and inspirational quotes, stories, and videos.
  • Money — Finance bloggers write about things like paying off student loans, how to invest your money wisely, and how to save up for a vacation.
  • Sex — Blogs that write about sex and relationships are invaluable to men since they are often written from the women’s perspective – Thus giving us a better idea of how the hell women operate. Examples of posts you can expect to read on this type of blog include best sex positions, how to make a relationship last, how to know when to dump her, etc.

Here are 34+ blogs for men that I’ve bookmarked over the years.

I rarely frequent look books, Pinterest styled pin boards, forums, or any other kind of photo blog, so I’ve gone ahead and excluded them from my list. I’m sure there are some awesome photo blogs out there, but they just aren’t my cup of tea. If you know of any good mens photo blogs, let me know in the comment section below and I will check them out.

Okay, enough rambling for now. Here is my list of the best blogs for men.

Update: Since I’ve received a ton of feedback about this post, I’ve decided to update my list of the best blogs for men to include five more awesome blogs.

  1. The Art of Manliness, Lifestyle
  2. The Modest Man, Lifestyle
  3. Teaching Mens Fashion, Fashion
  4. I Am Alpha M, Fitness
  5. Real Men Real Style, Fashion
  6. A Continuous Lean, Fashion
  7. Menprovement, Lifestyle
  8. The Distilled Man, Lifestyle
  9. Ask Men, Lifestyle
  10. Primer Magazine, Lifestyle
  11. Iron and Tweed, Fitness
  12. The Quintessential Man, Lifestyle
  13. Style Girlfriend, Fashion
  14. Order of Man, Lifestyle
  15. Stay Classic, Fashion
  16. Mantelligence, Lifestyle
  17. Valet Magazine, Lifestyle
  18. Man Made DIY, Lifestyle
  19. Effortless Gent, Fashion
  20. Aspiring Gentleman, Lifestyle
  21. Men’s Health, Sex
  22. Gentleman’s Gazette, Lifestyle
  23. Dappered, Fashion
  24. Man vs. Debt, Money
  25. Put This On, Fashion
  26. Dumb Little Man, Lifestyle
  27. George Hahn, Lifestyle
  28. Articles of Style, Fashion
  29. Men’s Fitness, Health
  30. Chaxton, Lifestyle
  31. Simpler Man, Lifestyle
  32. Trashness, Fashion
  33. Permanent Style, Fashion
  34. Featuring Matt, Lifestyle
  35. Made Man, Lifestyle
  36. Styles of Man, Fashion
  37. ThePacMan82, Fashion
  38. MrJunho3, Fashion
  39. HunterVought, Fashion
  40. Last First Date, Sex

* Yup, #30 is a shameless self-promotion.

* Just like on the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway, the rankings above are made up and the order does not matter (I did try to put my personal favorites near the top however). To be quite honest, I really couldn’t decide which sites were better than others. I really enjoy reading each of the blogs for men listed above, and I’m sure you will too. 

Best Blogs For Men

So now that you’ve skimmed through my list of the best blogs for men, it’s time for you to go out and take action. Pick a few blogs that you like and go subscribe to their newsletter – that’ll be the best way for you to consume as much useful content from your favorite bloggers as possible.

I also recommend you go ahead and bookmark this article. It’ll probably come in handy next time you are looking for information on a new category.

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If I’m missing any good blogs for men, yell at me in the comments section below. I’m always looking to for new blogs to read while at lunch, and will happily check out any suggestion you bring forward.