Best Butt Exercises For Men: 6 Exercises For A Massive Booty

Best Butt Exercises For Men

Just because men don’t walk around in a bikini flaunting their derriere doesn’t mean that men don’t need to have nice butts. A toned behind, regardless of your gender, can play a significant role in your confidence, your performance in numerous physical activities, and your chance at getting a second date. Because honestly, who doesn’t enjoy looking at a nice butt?

Although this article is going to focus on the best butt exercises for men, women looking to make butt gains should have no problems incorporating any of these exercises into their butt workout routine either.

I. Step Ups

Going up and down stairs, on and off curbs, step ups are a movement that we all perform every day. If you cannot perform a proper step up, other exercises like squats, lunges, and jumps will be quite challenging as well. Once you become comfortable doing step ups, increase the height of the box, or try the same motion but while holding dumbbells.

II. Lunges

Not only can you perform lunges just about anywhere, but they are also a fantastic exercise for activating your glutes and quads. Do lunges often and that drooping butt of yours will lift in no time. To keep your body guessing, mix between different variations of the lunge including forward lunges, dumbbell walking lunges, and reverse lunges.

III. Squats

Whether it’s front, back, or goblet form, squats are the quintessential ingredient to achieving the perfect backside. The value squats provide are unparalleled, most notable to your quadriceps, but they also hit your glutes like no other exercise.

Most squats you’ll see carried out at the gym today will be performed with feet positioned at narrow or shoulder-width apart. To put more emphasis on your behind, next time take a wider stance. Studies show that wider stance squats provide the same amount of quadricep muscle activation as normal or narrow stance squats, but also activate a number of other muscles as well – most notably your glutes.

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Furthermore, a study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning found that your squat power output at 150% shoulder width is remarkably higher than at 50%, 100%, and at 200%.

IV. Cable Kickbacks

Although they have a negative connotation among men as an exercise for women, guys can also benefit from cable kickbacks since they zero in on your gluteus maximus. The movement, when done correctly, will help shape your rear end. For this reason, we consider cable kickbacks to be one of the best butt exercises for men.

V. Hip Thrusts

Another exercise that you can do anywhere at anytime, hip thrusts are a fantastic exercise for activating your glutes. Even when done with just your bodyweight, this exercise is considered one of the best butt exercises for men. If you would like to add some variations of the hip thrust, try barbell hip thrusts or single leg hip thrusts.

VI. Wide Stance 45° Leg Press

Just like with wide stance squats, doing 45° leg presses with a wide stance transfers a great deal of the muscle activation from your quads to the glutes. To fully engage your lower body, make sure to pause for a one count at the bottom of each repetition, and to squeeze your hamstrings and glutes in order to press the weight back up.

Best Butt Exercises For Men

For whatever the reason may be, a large percentage of male gym-goers completely disregard training the lower half of their body. Are you one of those guys? Perhaps you should try doing a few of the butt exercises for men above.

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