Best Subreddits For Men

10 Best Subreddits For Men

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website that allows registered community members to submit content such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions up or down, which determines their position on the page. Submissions with the most up-votes appear on the front page or the top of the category (called “subreddits”) that they were posted in. Subreddit topics include news, science, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, image-sharing, and hundreds of thousands of other communities. Submissions that become extraordinarily popular will even get listed on Reddit’s “popular” page – a page that Reddit has deemed “the frontpage of the internet”.

It’s a cool concept right? Well you aren’t the only one who thinks so. According to Wikipedia, “as of 2017, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking #4 most visited web-site in US and #9 in the world. Across 2015, Reddit saw 82.54 billion pageviews, 73.15 million submissions, 725.85 million comments, and 6.89 billion upvotes from its users.” So yeah, the website is super popular with cult-like following, especially among men in their teens and twenties.

My relationship with Reddit is confusing, on one hand I love it for the traffic it sends to my websites (thanks again to everyone who shares Chaxton content with their friends and family), but on the other hand it can be a massive time suck. Just the other day I was reading about New York’s decision to make state public colleges free when I suddenly found myself reading about the time Pitbull did a concert in Kodiak, Alaska after his contest was hacked by 4chan! Reddit is sort of like YouTube – one second you are watching a video about the Presidential Election and the next minute you are watching a cat compilation video that is written in Japanese – you need to stay focused in order to avoid this from happening.

In this article I put a spotlight on the ten best subreddits for men. Although I personally do not read a few of the subreddits below, I’m certain that you can find value in all of them. After you finish reading, come check us out on Facebook and Instagram and let us know which subreddits you enjoy the most.

Best Subreddits For Men

10. Life Pro Tips

Life Pro Tips is an awesome place for people to share the best tips they’ve picked up throughout their lives. Even if you don’t have any useful tips to contribute, you can easily spend hours in this community picking up new skills and ideas. You can even filter the results based on categories like Animals & Pets, Autos & Vehicles, Careers & Work, Clothing, Computers, Electronics, Health & Fitness, Money & Finance, Traveling, School & College, Social, Home & Garden, and much more.

This subreddit helped me buy a brand new Xbox One on Craigslist for just $50, so I feel obligated to give them some love here. Not that Life Pro Tips needs anymore readers though – they already have over twelve million subscribers!

9. Today I Learned

Today I Learned (TIL) is a subreddit for submitting and finding out interesting information about a variety of topics. TIL does not aim for in-depth and serious discussion about a subject, but rather is more interested in a pop-knowledge overview of some minutiae of a field. Basically, if the information that you’re trying to convey can’t fit in the title of a reddit post then it’s probably too nuanced for their snapple bottlecap-esque format!

My favorite Today I Learned is – “TIL A 19 yr old pizza delivery guy helped save a man’s life by performing CPR on the customer who was turning blue outside the house. He said, ‘I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man.’ His tip was 25 bucks.” You can read the proof here.

8. Manprovement

Manprovement is a subreddit for men to develop their social, professional and dating lives. It’s not as popular as many other of the other best subreddits for men in my list, but the moderators do a good job of keeping the community running smoothly. That said, Manprovement is a “must subscribe” community in my eyes.

7. Sneakers

Sneakers is a massive Reddit community for sneakerheads to discuss anything and everything related to footwear. But if one thing is certain, do not post pictures of fakes or knock-offs! The Redditors here love their Nike and Adidas shoes, but other brands make appearances as well. All in all, Sneakers is a great community for the athletic man trying to spruce up their footwear collection.

6. Male Living Space

Male Living Space is a subreddit dedicated to improving and maintaining apartments, homes, domiciles, man caves, garages, and bungalows. As much as I obsess over many of the living rooms that make the top page of this subreddit, most of the living rooms in this community are well out of my price range. Nonetheless, this is the best subreddit for men with aspirations of building the world’s greatest bachelor pad.

5. Male Fashion Advice

Male Fashion Advice is an enormous subreddit that covers everything from male body type guides, to grooming, to shopping advice. The community there is extremely knowledgable and welcoming too. Most posts are from people posting pictures of their attire and asking for advice, but useful articles are posted too. Here is just one example of the community weighing in one a man’s question to either embrace baldness and shave his head, or to go with a buzz cut.

4. Male Hair Advice

A branch off the parent subreddit Male Fashion Advice, Male Hair Advice is a subreddit focused on discussing men’s hair styling and giving advice to those looking to change their hairstyle. Need help with your hair? Looking for opinions or recommendations on a hairstyle? Post your selfie and wait for the community to take hold. This subreddit for men has a very scholarly audience. But remember, being a dick is 100% not tolerated. My favorite post in this community is this man’s twenty five year hair time lapse. It’s both beautiful and inspirational. You can also check out Male Grooming, which is another run off of Male Fashion Advice for men to discuss and critique haircuts and facial hair.

3. Wicked_Edge

If you are looking for tips, tricks, questions, or to brag about shaving with straight, double edge or injector blade razors, then Wicked_Edge is the subreddit for you. The only thing this subreddit for men doesn’t do is “shut up about shaving”. A little off topic, but this guy’s gift for his groomsmen is incredible.

2. Male Lifestyle

Male Lifestyle is a culmination of numerous male focused subreddits, including those listed above. Although broad in scope, Male Lifestyle has the ability to suck you in for hours on end. I really enjoy the famous quotes that get posted on that subreddit, but this post on how to tie a bow tie is pretty great as well.

1. Every Man Should Know

Every Man Should Know is the best subreddit for men, no questions asked. According to the subreddit itself, “this is where you may learn a ton of interesting things that will help you every day. If you have some knowledge your dad or father figure taught you, throw it up here.” Want to learn how to back up a trailer, give a loud whistle, or jumpstart a car, or any other useful activity, then this is the best subreddit for men like you.

Final Thoughts

Want to read these best subreddits for men in an even easier method? Check out Reddit’s “multireddit” feature – a content organizer that combines posts from your favorite subreddits into one concise list. In order to create a multireddit, tap Edit at the top of the subscriptions list in the left drawer to enter the Subscriptions Manager, followed by the Add button on the toolbar (4th from the right, the one with a “+” sign), then click on New multireddit. You can also do this by browsing one of the subs you’d like to add to the new multireddit, swiping from the right to reveal the sub’s sidebar (on mobile), tap Add to multi, then tap New. If done correctly, you should see each and every post from your selected subreddits all displayed into one list!

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While I do believe that these are unequivocally the best subreddits for men, I’m interested in hearing which subreddits you most enjoy. I personally frequent Netflix Best Of, Shower Thoughts, and Data Is Beautiful as often as I can – but these communities aren’t targeted towards gentlemen in any capacity. Tell us your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram!