Here Are The Best Mens Diamond Watches For Every Price Range

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Quality mens diamond watches are not just an accessory that tells you the time – they’re a symbolic heirloom that shows everyone in your presence how you’re doing in life.

And just like anything in life that is stylish, the watch that you wear gives others a glimpse into the image you are trying to project, and is a reflection of your personal fashion sense.

Check out the following list of the most popular mens diamond watches under $250, under $500, and of expensive mens luxury watches.

1. Luxurman Real 0.25ct Diamond★★★★★
2. Akribos XXIV★★★★
3. Bulova 98D109★★★★
4. Luxurman Fully Iced Out 1.25ct★★★★★
5. Bulova 96E03★★★★
6. Citizen Men's AU1054-54G Eco-Drive★★★★

What To Look For In A Diamond Watch

Before we begin our list of the best diamond watches for each price range, first you should take a second to learn about a few things you should look for when deciding which watch to buy. Below are the six things to look for when buying a diamond watch.

  1. Style — First and foremost, certain watches are best suited for certain events. For that reason it is often recommended to own a couple different styles of watches, that way you’ll always have a suitable watch, regardless of the occasion. For example, a black-tie event requires a formal watch, but a watch for a first date should be much more casual.
  2. Size — The average men’s watch case size is roughly 37-39 millimeters or larger – the average women’s case size is 26-29 millimeters or smaller (this number is growing however). But to be honest, the case size of your watch isn’t all to important. However, don’t go overboard and get a watch that has too big a case size. Men’s diamond watches with case sizes of 50 millimeters and up may look weird when sitting on your wrist, especially if your wrists are thin.
  3. Materials — When deciding between watch materials, you need to consider the style and durability. Stainless-steel metals are the most popular among high quality mens diamond watches, but a plethora of other materials are available as well.
  4. Button-Clasp, or Bracelet — Another aspect to consider when buying a watch is the band. When it comes to diamond watches, you’ll typically be deciding between push button fold-over clasps, and bracelets. In general, push button fold-over clasps are only found in lower priced watches.
  5. The Crystal — Although it is normally an overlooked feature, the watch’s crystal (no, not that kind of crystal) is important for those who like to wear their watches in strenuous conditions. But what is a watch’s crystal? The watch crystal is a covering of glass, plastic, or synthetic colorless sapphire that sits atop the watch face in order to protect the interior. And as you know already, deep scratches, scuff marks, and general nicks in a watch can seriously affect it’s appearance (and overal value) – so make sure you get a watch with a crystal that can withstand your desired levels of activity!
  6. Movement — When it comes to watches, dedicated collectors can talk for hours about the different styles of watch movements – Quartz, automatic, and mechanical. Probably the most commonly understood is the quartz movement – a movement in which a tiny piece of quartz vibrates at an exact frequency when electricity passes across it. Automatic (sometimes called self-winding) movements run on the energy you produce by being active everyday. And before you ask, yes – automatic watches need to be reset every few weeks or so in order to ensure the time it displays is accurate. Automatic watch movements are not common among mens diamond watches. Lastly we have mechanical watch movements. An old school movement, automatic watches use a spring that is wound by hand on the side of the watch. Mechanical movements are fan favorites among true timepiece aficionados.
Summary: Before you make your purchase, make sure you learn about the six most important aspects of a men’s diamond watch – style, size, materials, band, crystal, and movement.

Differences Between Diamond & Diamond Accent

If you are currently in the market for a diamond watch, then I’m sure you’ve come across the term “diamond accent”.

But what is a diamond accented watch exactly, and are they at all similar to actual diamond watches? Better yet, do diamond accents increase (or decrease) the intrinsic value of your watch?

So here’s the scoop.

Accent diamonds, popularly referred to as diamond accents, are small stones with a simple cut.

But because they are so small and less noticeable, they are not usually cut with the same precision and the same number of facets as a normal-sized diamond.

In general, diamond accents are used as a complimentary decoration around a focal point and typically increase the overall brilliance (i.e. the sparkle), but rarely increase the overall intrinsic value of the watch itself.

That being said, when buying anything featuring diamond accents, make sure the accented diamonds are large enough to visually enhance the perceived size of the focal point, but also small enough to make it stand out.

Lastly, most accent diamonds only carry a small carat weight ranging between a couple of points and .25 carats.

Regardless, the accent diamonds should never compete with the focal point of the piece (for example the center stone of a diamond ring).

Summary: When buying anything featuring diamond accents, make sure the accented diamonds are large enough to visually enhance the perceived size of the focal point, but also small enough to make it stand out.



Best Mens Diamond Watches Under $250

Who says you need to be a millionaire in order to dress like a millionaire?

The following mens diamond watches are all competitively priced under $250.

  1. Luxurman Mens Real Diamond Watch 0.25ct — Not only is this fine mens diamond watch water resistant up to 30 meters (approximately 100 feet), the Luxurman Mens Real Diamond Watch features a polished stainless steel case, a dial paved in sparkling stones, fine Japan-made Quartz movements, and of course .25 carats of real diamonds. To view the lowest current listing price for this watch online, click here.
  2. Akribos XXIV Men’s Diamond Watch — The Large Dial Diamond Accent Quartz Chronograph Silver-Tone Watch from Akribos XXIV is a fashionable, yet serviceable addition to any man’s diamond watch collection. More than simply an accessory, this watch features an attention-grabbing dial made with pave set crystals, luminescent hands that allow you to tell the time easily in the dark, and a stainless steel bezel embedded with a dozen stunning, pave patterned diamonds. Click here to view the lowest current selling price for this Akribos XXIV watch.
  3. Bulova 98D109 Men’s Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch If black stainless-steel ion plating is more your style, look no further than the 98D109 Men’s Diamond Watch from Bulova (pictured above). Featuring a dozen individually hand-set diamonds on a black enamel dial, luminating hands, a deployant closure, a retrograde second time-zone indicator, metal-ized crystals, and a four-screw caseback, this watch from Bulova is meant to be worn by a king. To view the lowest current selling price for this bargain of a watch, click here.
Summary: Luxurman, Akribos, and Bulova all make fantastic diamond watches at affordable prices.



Best Mens Diamond Watches Under $500

If you’ve got some extra money lying around and want to invest in a watch that’ll set you apart from the crowd, look no further than the watches below.

Check out the following mens watches priced under $500.

  1. Luxurman Mens Diamond Watches: Fully Iced Out Watch 1.25ct — If you like the Luxurman .25ct Men’s Reals Diamond Watch, but want a watch that packs a lot more punch, upgrade yourself to the Luxurman 1.25ct Fully Iced Out Watch. It has many of the same features as it’s underling, but also boasts a white gold plated stainless steel case, a Swiss Quartz movement, and a whopping 1.25 carats of real diamonds. Click here to view the lowest listing price for this watch now.
  2. Bulova Men’s 96E03 Diamond Accented Watch — This luxurious timepiece from Bulova (pictured above) offers a stainless steel bracelet band with a deployment clasp, a 39-millimeter stainless steel case, a reliable Japanese quartz movement, and a silver dial with silver-tone accents, including three hands, three sub-dials, a convenient date window, and stick indices. And to put the cherry on top, this chronograph is also framed by a stainless steel bezel including twenty-four genuine diamonds. Looking for a diamond watch that compliments your new suit? Check out this watch from Bulova.
  3. Citizen Men’s AU1054-54G Eco-Drive Diamond-Accented Watch — This watch from Citizen starts with a revolutionary, yet simple concept – a luxurious watch that does not need a battery. Featuring technology that harnesses the power of light from any source, natural or artificial, the AU1054-54G Eco-Drive Diamond-Accented Watch from Citizen Mens has the capabilities to take said light-source and effortlessly turn it into energy.  The Eco-Drive Watch also features a bold black dial with silver-tone hands, a push button fold-over clasp, is water resistant up to thirty meters, and of course is embedded with diamond accent markers. If you are looking for a watch best suited for a late night on the town, this watch is the perfect match for you.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 Mens Diamond Watch

Expensive Mens Diamond Watches

Whether you’ve worked hard enough to reward yourself with a sophisticated present, or you’ve simply won the lottery, check out the following luxury diamond watches.

  1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 — Available in only 18 carat gold or platinum, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 from Rolex (pictured above) was the first diamond watch ever to display the date and day of the week spelt out in full in a window on the dial. Specifically created for the president back in 1956, this mens diamond watch is still worn by many of the world’s most influential people. The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 represents the ultimate in refinement and comfort.
  2. Ballon Bleu De Cartier WE902045 — Add a dash of elegance to your wrist with the Ballon Bleu watch from Cartier. With the convex curves of the case, guilloché dial, sword-shaped hands, and polished or satin-finish links of the bracelet, this watch floats through the world of Cartier watchmaking. But at the hefty price of $68,000, only a lucky few will have the opportunity to wear such a fine accessory.
  3. Piaget Polo Mens Diamond Watch — Evening dress may be de rigueur for this very elegant rose-gold Piaget Polo watch. Its 43 mm diameter case and dial are set with diamonds, and the distinctive Piaget gadroons are marked out by their polished finish. This majestic watch is also a sophisticated example of fine watchmaking, worked by an 880P automatic chronograph movement. It displays hour, minute, second and chronograph functions, with a minute counter and a central flyback hand, second time-zone display and a large date window. Twin barrels provide the caliber with a 50-hour power reserve and the oscillating weight, visible through a sapphire case back, is engraved with the Piaget coat-of-arms. If you want to see a luxury mens diamond watch so expensive that you need to speak with a concierge just to see the price tag, click here.
Summary: With these watches you will take control of any room you enter.

Final Thoughts

Quality mens diamond watches are a symbolic heirloom that shows everyone in your presence how you’re doing in life. And just like anything in life that is stylish, the watch that you wear gives others a glimpse into the image you are trying to project, and is a reflection of your personal fashion sense.

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